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Data Pipeline Engineer

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Job Description

Our Client, a new type of mobile games creator and publisher is looking to hire a Data Pipeline Engineer.

The company collects and uses tens of millions of events each day to understand the performance of their games and they need you to build the pipeline that can scale to hundreds of millions of events each day and beyond. Work with Google Dataflow, BigQuery, and custom tools to collect, validate and make data immediately available across the company. This data informs every aspect of their business, from user acquisition, to game design to helping identify new opportunities. You'll work with teams across the company to understand their needs and deliver the data required for them to succeed.


  • Own the pipeline that collects tens of millions of in-game analytics events each day and needs to scale to hundreds of millions of events each day
  • Own the systems that continually retrieve and index data from third party sources
  • Write and maintain quality, readable code
  • Help define data use best practices for the user acquisition team and game teams


  • Exceptional talent and the ability to apply that talent within a world class team.
  • 3+ years experience in Java building scalable, distributed systems.
  • Experience with schema design and SQL for BigQuery or Redshift.
  • Deep knowledge of data structures, algorithms and design patterns and how to apply them to the problem at hand
  • Experience operating production services in AWS or another cloud environment
  • Ability to identify and correct performance bottlenecks on a live system
  • Solid understanding of Unix/Linux
  • Understanding of and interest in successful free to play game design and development
  • Curiosity that drives you to continually learn new things


  • Experience with Google Dataflow or Apache Beam
  • Experience with Python
Software Engineering